WMS Scan Application

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WMS scanning application to increase stock integrity and improve efficiency of warehouse processes.

Where are the items? Is there enough stock of a particular item? Do you have to deal with the laborious and time consuming double entry of data?
With the Warehouse management scan application from BizBloqs, these kind of problems belong in the past. The processes around inbound, storage and outbound are being processed realtime with our scan application. The information is then automatically exchanged between our app and Exact Online. You do not have to worry about your logistics processes. You control your warehouse thanks to our scan application. Doing your logistics has never been this easy.

This allows your company to focus on adding value to your customers and growing your business.

BizBloqs supplies a warehouse management application that enables all logistical processes are taken care of using a scanner, where there is a direct link with your Exact Online environment. This gives you insight and transparency of your stock levels and the status of your processes. With Bizbloq’s you can increase stock integrity and service level to your customers. You get this with reduced administrative effort; the warehouse processes can be processed three times quicker like this than with paper pick lists.
The application is easy to install on industrial scanners and on devices that run android. These devices are linked with your BizBloqs environment with a unique code. We have created our own secure communication protocol that encrypts your data as part of our security standard. This way your data is has the highest levels of protection. The application is intuitive to learn and use, the application leads your staff through the process in a step by step fashion. Scanning of locations, item barcodes and batch & serial numbers are all possible; we adapt the processes to fit your requirements without the need to additional or bespoke programing – such is the flexibility of our modern architecture.
The advantage of the BizBloqs platform is that scan processes can easily be adapted to fit your requirements, without the need for a programmer. Our consultants can therefore quickly adapt our solution to fit your processes your requirements. Therefore creating a solution that fits your needs.

Our consultants have many years of experience with the design of logistical processes. Therefore we can provide you with advice on how to properly configure your warehouse processes, location management, barcoding, Wi-Fi network and RF equipment. Our consultants will train your staff as part of our implementation process.
Just send us an email to: if you want to receive additional information about our application or if you want to discuss your challenges with one of our consultants and we’ll get in touch with you.
Our support team is available 24/7 via phone or email to answer any of your questions or to deal with any issues you might have.

What you get...

  • You can work up to 300% faster compared to paper based systems.
  • Use scanners to confirm and control all the warehouse processes, this reduces errors
  • Higher stock integrity, resulting in a higher available to promise to your customers
  • Configure the WMS scan solution to fit your requirements in days, not weeks.
  • Use industrial grade scanners or on a android device, the choice is yours
  • Warehouse solution can adapt to your requirements now and as they develop!


  • Logistics management


  • Accountancy
  • Health care
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Wholesale



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