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The cloud based EPOS system for trendy retailers and hospitality businesses!

Easily integrate your Exact Online account with The Good Till EPOS system. Transferring key accounting fields automatically from our EPOS app into your Exact Online account! Very simple to integrate and can save masses of your time on a day-to-day basis. Good Till software available from £25 per terminal per month.

The Good Till EPOS comes from The Good Till Co. Ltd, a UK based cloud EPOS company. It is because The Good Till software is cloud based, working on tablet devices such as iPads, that means we can offer so much flexibility for a business. All this this functionality and service at genuinely affordable levels.

What’s hot?
• easy to use, feature rich design
• quick and simple to integrate your Exact Online account with The Good Till EPOS
• secure, stable platform – available offline as well as online
• works in the cloud, meaning easy to scale, multisite support
• access anywhere, anytime; great for management view!
• mobile options
• slick hardware options
• integrated eLoyalty Rewards
• third party integrations like Exact Online and iZettle Payments

The Good Till EPOS services could help business owners by improving overall business processes leading to increased revenues, lower operating costs and increased profit for their business. Especially in combination with Exact Online.

Pricing and products can be changed at the touch of a button, training is easy and management has full control of the system and data. As each sale is securely logged it leads to accurate reporting on sales, staff activity and product levels, which can be monitored in real time. Plus with alerts, management does not even have to be logged into the system to receive a low stock notification. The Good Till EPOS offers staff management reporting via the clock in/clock out functionality, helping with payroll.

With easy to use modules, things like table management and take away/delivery features can simply be switched on! Additional sites and registers can be added in a matter of minutes supporting businesses as they scale, or as you enter new markets.

The system is designed to be as ergonomic to use for the operator in store, but also for the customer experience. The operator screen is slick and the sales completed in as few steps as possible to make sure that the POS experience with your customers is as swift and efficient as possible.

Coming shortly is a fully integrated eLoyalty platform, allowing business owners the ability to offer loyalty programs which are accessed without the need for a stamped card. Saving time and effort for the customer and also the business owner. This will also help with customer marketing and analysis and ultimately customer retention.

We maintain an active helpdesk and staff presence to allow us to respond as quickly as possible, via telephone, or when necessary in person, at site. It is always worth a conversation with The Good Till Company.

In combination with the Exact Online integration this is a winning formula for retail and hospitality businesses! The Good Till system is able to synchronise daily revenue and payments within Exact Online as sales and cash entries. As such the integration is compatible with any Exact Online product portfolio. Feel free to contact us in case a more extensive integration is required with a cloud based financial ERP system as Exact Online!

Support is offered via our contact form: You can also reach out via e-mail: or phone: +44 0203 764 0800.

What you get...

  • feature rich software - easily scalable for retail and hospitality
  • ergonomic software design, allowing for easy training, uptake and also backend management
  • able to offer slick hardware options to suit business needs
  • complete management control & multisite access
  • iZettle Payments & other third party Integrations


  • Point of sale


  • Other
  • Retail



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